Customer Relationship Management Systems

Suite of guides to accompany the CRMS of a major financial services organization


Edited documents and provided consultants to develop Online Help for the flagship product of a global financial services provider.


User Manual for a product that tracks goods shipments across various global locations and alerts users of the status of the shipment they are seeking.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

User’s Guides, Administrator’s Guides, Report Libraries, and presentations for a BI product in the banking vertical. Product helps to extract and transform raw data generated by banks into reports and dashboards. This information can be further used to make strategic decisions.

Data Warehousing

Created User’s Guides, Administrator’s Guides, case studies, and brochures for a data-warehousing product. The product helps organizations amalgamate information lying in several locations and databases to result in output that shows accurate information.


Suite of guides for a manufacturing company in-house ERP system. User’s Guides for: QMS, Shop Capacity Planning, BOM, Material Requirement Planning, Trading, Customer Order Processing, Inventory, Purchases, and Financial Accounting.


Administrator’s Guides and Training Guides for a Healthcare product that manages patient data and serves as a common platform for nurses, supervisors, and patients.

Employee Verification

User's Guide for personnel in different roles in the employee verification process. An Administrator's Guide for persons managing the process was also created.


Administrator’s Guides and User’s Guides for a product that helps service providers offer content-based services to users of cell phones and track monthly service usage for billing purposes.

Network Security

Entire documentation set for a network security product. Online Help for a global provider of network testing and monitoring software.

Performance Appraisal Systems

User documentation and online Help for software that enabled a corporate vision to be separated into areas of focus for different departments and measured employee performance based on department goals.

Sales and Marketing

User’s Guides and Online Help for a product that allows customers to model, automate, monitor, and optimize their businesses.